IMAGE Models Agency is proud to present you the latest formal and evening wear Collection from Patrizia Blessed of Ardigraf Design as well as a showcase of her new endeavor in jewelry design. The Gala will take place at the IMAGE Agency Runway with an original set by Atelier Design which specializes in runway concepts and set build and also in collaboration with Flash productions which will provide videography of this soon to be a memorable event. Using the theme of Ancient Rome, the use of rich fabrics, pillars, and sheer curtains will provide as backdrop to this stunning collection. Fashioned in Italian Haute Couture, PB *Gala* collection is for a woman of refined taste, elegance and one who likes to be noticed.

Whimsical and Effervescent, The PB *Gala* Collection is for the modern women as well as the classic. Patrizia Blessed became a fashion designer in second life just after three months of being a resident here. “This new activity was to awaken a love of old, to design clothes for residents that today have turned into virtual avatars to represent an alter ego who represents us in this very strong international community.” Within a year Blessed has risen to meteoric fame and graced top Second Life magazines and have showcased her work in some of the best known agencies.

Blessed has also been involved in charities such as the “Stylist Festival 2008” and has happily collaborated with new agencies getting their start. IMAGE Models Agency is honored to have Patrizia Blessed as our sponsor and we invite you to our Gala on Saturday, October 24th @ 1:30 SLT

Here’s the Landmark to the Gala


Our first series of IMAGE models walking the runway.

Director/Editor/Producer: Ethan Haalan

Set Design: ::Atalier Designs::

Models {In Order of Apperance}

☆ Cate Honi

☆ Aspen Parx

☆ Elyna Carver

☆ krisbinn2626 Diadig

☆ Seth Diabolito

☆ Wipster Baxster

☆ BridgetMarlane McDonnell

☆ Pandora Donner

☆ Lola Baudin

After a brief hiatus of IMAGE Models agency; we are back with a vengeance with the new music video from IMAGE Models Agency CEO, Ethan Haalan. Ethan came back to shoot a music video under his new video production company, Flash Productions. This Machinima was shot this weekend using some of the IMAGE models, Seth Diabolito, Cate Honi, Maile Michinaga, Lola Baudin and Liliya Avedon.  Using Savannah Outens “Goodbye”, Ethan Haalan directed, edited and produced this amazing video.

Goodbyes – Savannah Outen – Flash Productions

Here are some outtakes from the making of the video. It was totally a blast and I am very impressed with Ethan’s talents. Insider sources tell me that he is currently studying videography and editing in RL; So there’s a real future for him there.

FlashScenes – Goodbyes – (What really happened)

Flash production is in developing stages on the remake of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”. A Casting for the Video will be held for IMAGE agency models only; so stay tuned. Enjoy the video and welcome back everyone!

IMAGE Fall Feast

IMAGE fall feast flyer back copy

Fall feast for IMAGE Models Agency which launched it’s first show within the Second Life fashion industry was a smashing success. blackLiquid Tokyoska and Ethan Haaland worked tirelessly to put on this spectacular show. We were honored to have Ziamela Loon of Jador Fashion, Amanda Bolero of the Bolero Collection and Bijoux of Heart and Sole shoes our sponsor. Scout Lounge was also gracious enough to host the after party. We are very proud of this achievement and hope for continued success of IMAGE Models Agency. Here’s the Videography of this show

Fall Feast 2009 -Bolero Collection, Jador Fashion, Heart & Sole Shoes made by Synthia Quintessa of 1-priMajicka studios.

We want to thank the following models for their hard work and dedication. The ladies worked really hard and attended many practices to perfect their catwalk skills.

☆ Zoey Neutron
☆ Rhonda Pennell
☆ Ida Boomhauer
☆ Toumarow Vhargon
☆ Naiya Kazyanenko
☆ Veronica Kransner
☆ Prazillo Lemon
☆ Elyna Carver
☆ Wicca Merlin
☆ ChloeRose Constantine
☆ Tia Ryba
☆ Wipster Baxter
☆ Majest Denzo
☆ Sweetest Sands

A meet and greet was coordinated by IMAGE agency CEOs, Ethan Haalan and blackLiquid Tokyoska, on September 4th for the agency models. The brief meeting was attended by the IMAGE agencies models as well as CEOs themselves. The direction of IMAGE agency was discussed as well as some of the designers the models would like to be casted for in the future. The general consensus was that although the agency was new… everyone liked the direction the agency was heading towards. Ms. Tokyoska was also busy in the studio doing the “official quad set” for all the models in the IMAGE agency. The photo stream for the IMAGE agency models can be seen Flickr, but I was able to sneak some away to post some of the model portfolio here on the blog.


Majest Denzo


Seth Diabolito


Blair Roxley

Check out the IMAGE Models Agency stream for the rest of the model portfolio. IMAGE agency also welcomes new model, Liliya Avedon, to the the IMAGE family. Liliya retired from modeling but returned with a gusto. She is currently taking classes at Evane as well as Maniera Institute of Style. Liliya is also a formal graduate of Ewing Model Training.

Liliya Avedon

Photo Credit: Liliya Avedon by Strawberry Field Photography

Image Agency

IMAGE Agency opens their doors to the the virtual Fashion industry with Ethan Haalan and blackLiquid Tokyoska as the dynamic leaders of this SL modeling agency. Although they are new to the Second Life fashion world in a sense; blackLiquid has an extensive experience as a Real Life model in her teens and twenties. Her actual RL translated well into the agency as all models were required to wear white tees with jeans and hair pulled back for their first casting, a practice that most agencies use in RL. The IMAGE agency’s first fashion show is for Amanda Bolero, a leading designer in Second Life.  Ms. Tokyoska is also a mannequin model for Eshi Otowara who is a prolific Second Life designer. Ethan Haalan is a graduate of Evane and is part of established agencies such as Boulevard and Opium. Their enthusiam and energy is a refreshing direction for this agency and we all wait with an abated breath for their first show on Sept 21st for the Bolero fashion show.

IMAGE grounds

The Casting for Bolero was done on August 21st with consideration for US and European time zones and the select models were chosen. The casted Bolero models are currently practicing for the show where they have to attend minimum of four practices. The adage “Practice makes perfect” applies here, and the IMAGE agency is working hard to make sure their first show is an astounding success. The IMAGE agency is also working with the other models by updating their portfolio and offering photo sessions of “their official IMAGE set”.  Their dynamic energy is an impressive trait, and I hope that this will continue to help them become an established Second Life Modeling agency. We all have to start somewhere; and with such great beginning; I have high hopes for IMAGE agencies, Ms. Tokyoska, Mr. Haalan and the IMAGE models.

IMAGE model creators


August 24, 2009

IMAGE models agency provides SL’s fashion industry with dynamic exceptional top models for – catwalk, print and mannequin.

IMAGE owners come together to combine real life fashion industry, event co-ordination & photography experience with excellence in SL business & modeling.

IMAGE models are now accepting models by invitation only.

IMAGE will be hosting a models mentoring program in the upcoming months.